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REEDEREI NSB in detail

Become better acquainted with REEDEREI NSB: In our Knowledge area we  present developments from our specialty departments along with basic information on the philosophy of the company.

Here you will find edited articles on various topics, showing you the bigger picture. REEDEREI NSB presents individual projects that set standards and prove our technical and commercial know-how. But we also respond to general questions like “What tasks does a modern ship manager of today have to perform?” or “What does the future hold for commercial shipping in the 21st century?”

Technical & Nautical Services

Absolute technical and nautical expertise is the basis of our work. Yet what does this expertise constitute of? Find out about current projects, such as constructing offshore wind power plants or about departments like the Engine Operation Department of REEDEREI NSB.


In a competitive environment as can be found in shipping, the compatibility between acting responsibly and economic success poses a great challenge. REEDEREI NSB is well aware of this and is committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

HR & Crewing

Seafaring is not a profession like any other. Yet in one area it is just the same as in other sectors: Employees and the support of each individual in the best possible way are at the center of value creation. At the same time, NSBacademy is just one building block of human resources at REEDEREI NSB. And: REEDEREI NSB also offers crewing as an additional service to external customers.


Modern ship management focuses on managed ships – yet only with an appropriate organization on shore is it possible to guarantee an added value for all shareholders. You can find out here which concept REEDREI NSB pursues and which measures are taken to work profitably even in times of crises.