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Continuous improvement

In order to accommodate the greatly increased customer requirements on the part of the investors as well as the charterers, REEDEREI NSB has implemented various measures over the last five years to improve the internal corporate organization and information management.

Corresponding to the model introduced here, these measures aim at adapting processes and structures to the changed requirements, forwarding relevant information in a targeted way to the respective recipient and consequently ultimately making our ship management work more transparent. These measures include, among others:

  1. Quality Manual with process and part-process representation, process and work instructions
  2. Daily bank entries and outstanding receivables
  3. Monthly settlement for each shipping company
  4. Internal monthly reporting
  5. Monthly liquidity planning
  6. Daily information on events >10,000$/€
  7. Management systems in sea-shore communication
  8. Database supported risk-assessment software

The measures presented here form the start of a process in which REEDEREI NSB finds itself – the end of which is the goal to offer our customers state-of-the-art ship management from the 21st century. We are convinced that these measures form a basis for all further changes that are to be implemented in the medium term.

In order to press ahead with the initiated process we are currently working in particular on further optimizing the system supported email-independent communication between our ship units and the headquarters, the complete process orientation of all work sequences as well as further improvements in making information available to the customers. We thereby also work together with external partners, such as, for example, the University of Hamburg in the field of process optimization.