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Pooled engineering skills

Our Engine Operation Department (EOD) supports the superintendence of REEDEREI NSB. Its employees are specialist contacts for the superintendents and assist them in an advisory capacity. Furthermore, they are constantly working on improving the procedures on board our ships. REEDEREI NSB is one of only a few shipping companies which, through the deployment of dedicated experts, activates optimization potentials in its technical operations.

Expanding the fleet of REEDEREI NSB resulted in an ever-increasing wealth of experience with regard to machine operation as well as with the use of the operating materials. In order to use this experience, the data collected should be compiled centrally, evaluated and processed for future improvements. This is why today the departments EOD and TOM (for Technical Operating Materials) pool engineering skills in the areas of machine operation and operating materials within the technical superintendence of REEDEREI NSB. We would like to take this opportunity of firstly introduce our Engine Operation Department (EOD) in more detail:

Officially founded in 2010, EOD today deals with questions related to the main engine, auxiliary engine and the boiler plants in the working areas improvement, damages, instructions and newbuilding.

Engine Operation Department (EOD)

As examples for the broad spectrum of our work, some of the department’s projects are to be presented in the following.

Super Slow Steaming and Turbo Charger Cut Out

A significant measure aimed at reducing costs in the daily operation of our vessels is Super Slow Steaming, in which the main engine is run at only a very low load (10-45%). The impacts upon fuel consumption are enormous, as is proven by the actual measurement data of an NSB vessel of the 6,500-TEU class:

According to these measurements, a reduction of speed from 25 to 12 knots results in a reduction of fuel consumption from 246 to 35 tons of heavy oil per day – this corresponds to a reduction of almost 85% at half-speed.

However, negative consequences of Super Slow Steaming must also be taken into consideration: since ship’s engines constructed before the rapid increase in fuel prices and the beginning of the world economic crisis had not been designed for operation at only 10-45% of the engine’s actual power, operation at such low levels may lead to damage. The most frequent problems are:

  • Failure of the auxiliary fans
  • Over-lubrication
  • Accumulation of soot in the engine
  • Corrosion

In order to combat these problems, EOD has developed a number of measures:

  • Modifications of the auxiliary fans
  • Conversion of the cylinder lubrication system to slow speeds
  • Fitting of dynamic turbo charger cut out systems

The overall effect achieved by all of this is that it will permit the main engines on board our vessels to be operated both very economically and at the same time in a manner that is safe and as gentle on the materials as possible.

AMP – Alternative Marine Power

EOD also accompanies modernization and refurbishment measures such as for example the introduction of the AMP containers (Alternative Marine Power) on board vessels belonging to the NSB fleet. These enable the auxiliary engine to be switched off during the laytime and the emissions to be reduced during the berthing time. Up to now, such measures have only been prescribed in some selected ports. Nonetheless, REEDEREI NSB commissioned AMP containers on board its vessels as one of the first shipping companies worldwide.

Plugged in: EVER CHAMPION is supplied with shorepower
Plugged in: EVER CHAMPION is supplied with shorepower
The power connectors are ready
The power connectors are ready
For the first time, employees of REEDEREI NSB and the Port of Los Angeles connect a NSB vessel to the power grid on shore
For the first time, employees of REEDEREI NSB and the Port of Los Angeles connect a NSB vessel to the power grid on shore

In this respect EVER CHAMPION was the first NSB vessel to be supplied with power from shore for the operation of the ship systems in November 2012. Along with EVER CHAMPION, all 8,100-TEU class vessels are equipped with relevant AMP containers, eight units in total.

Condition Based Maintenance

The gradual introduction of Condition Based Maintenance promises great saving potentials in the area of regular maintenance. According to this principle, maintenance is not only carried out at a predetermined interval but is also based on the actual condition of the expendable parts.

Thanks to approx. 300 individual measures and a comprehensive measuring program Condition Based Maintenance has been successful in increasing the service life of the piston rings of the main engines from 12,000 operating hours to 45,000 and more. In order to continue to adhere to the highest safety standards in so doing, intensive monitoring of the affected plants and parts is an important element in this type of maintenance on board.

The presentation of just these few projects has made it clear that EOD creates a great added value for REEDEREI NSB. On the basis of the work performed by this department, improvements are constantly flowing into the technical operations, which in turn are responsible for cost reductions, the condition of the vessels and conservation of value. Consequently, EOD has a direct influence on the performance of REEDEREI NSB with respect to investors and charterers.